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South Korea Won’t ban Exchanges but Introduce new Reasonable Regulation

There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding the Bitcoin regulations in South Korea. More specifically, we all know there will be an emergency meeting later this week. However, there are seemingly no plans to ban Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Instead, new KYC and AML requirements will be introduced for all local exchanges. None of these measures are invasive whatsoever, which is only to b


Tokyo Financial Exchange Jumps on the Bitcoin Futures Bandwagon

Financial institutions are suddenly scrambling to offer Bitcoin-related investment products. Given their opposition to cryptocurrencies for many years, this change of heart is rather intriguing. Bitcoin futures are seemingly the go-to product for banks and trading platforms. Tokyo Financial Exchange is the latest institution to get on this bandwagon. Consumers in Japan demand more exposure to Bitc

South Korea Outlines Proposed Legislation for Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Regulation The South Korean Financial Services Commission is finalizing its proposals to regulate cryptocurrency exchanges. This follows an earlier “Bitcoin Regulation Act” submitted by lawmaker Park Yong-jin. Meanwhile, the prime minister is very concerned about the growth and risks of cryptocurrencies including bitcoin and has called for immedi

Reports of Israeli ICO Ban Are Fake News, Entrepreneurs Look to Create ‘Crypto Nation’

Crowdfunding Should people be free to invest their bitcoin as they see fit, accepting the risks upon themselves as responsible adults, or should the nanny state protect them like kids from all potential losses while also stifling innovation? This is what is at stake right now in Israel as regulators are debating how to approach the challenges of cryp

Japan Teaches Western Governments a Lesson in Cryptocurrency Regulation

Regulation Bitcoin is a phenomenon that provokes conflicting emotions in people. Fear. Excitement. Elation. Doubt. For governments tasked with regulating every new thing that comes along, be it the motor car or the internet, bitcoin presents a conundrum. How to regulate such a seemingly unregulatable creation? While many western governments have reac

South Korea to Step Up Supervision of Bitcoin Trading After IMF Calls for Reform

Regulation Following a meeting with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), South Korea is pushing for structural reforms which include strengthening the management and supervision of digital currency transactions including bitcoin.Also read: Two South Korean Bitcoin Exchanges Announce Hard Fork PlansSouth Korea Pushing for Structural ReformsThe

Australian Bitcoin Adoption Increases Following Regulatory Amendments

Markets and Prices In recent months, the Australian government has sought to amend its bitcoin regulations – which were previously notoriously unfavorable to businesses and individuals seeking to use and adopt cryptocurrency. The Australian cryptocurrency industries have since shown signs of significant growth, with many industry insiders attributi

South Korea Prepares to Tax Bitcoin Use

Regulation South Korea is preparing to tax bitcoin use after the cryptocurrency’s trading volume skyrocketed past that of Kosdaq. Han Seung-hee, the commissioner of the country’s National Tax Service, told lawmakers this weekend that the issue of how to best tax cryptocurrencies is being discussed, including the areas of capital gains tax, t

Bitcoin Illegal in Nepal? Police Arrest Seven Individuals for Trading Operations

Regulation This week seven individuals were arrested for running illegal bitcoin exchange operations in Nepal. According to Nepal’s Central Investigation Bureau (CIB), the suspects were trading bitcoins without authorization and the agency’s Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Jeevan Kumar Shrestha says this is one of the first cryptocurrency


Bitcoin Exchanges in Mexico Prepare for new Regulatory Measures

Regulating Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a near impossible job. Not just because traditional rules don’t apply, but the lack of centralization makes regulatory measures impossible by default Over in Mexico there are plans in motion to introduce Bitcoin regulation in the near future. Although this idea has been present for several months, nothing tangible was ever presented. That situatio