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Bitcoin Price Watch; Here’s What’s On Tonight

So that’s another week drawn to a conclusion in the bitcoin price space and, with it, it’s time to put forward some levels that we can use heading into the weekend as part of our second bitcoin price analysis of the day.By now most reading will be aware what happened yesterday. For those that missed the action, the bitcoin price rocketed to just shy of $20,000 a piece on the major exchanges, w

Bitcoin Price Watch; Beware The Correction

In yesterday evening’s bitcoin price analysis, we highlighted the fact that bitcoin was closing in on $10,000 and that, if we saw a break of that level, there was a good chance we would see a considerable degree of follow-through on the back of the break. Why? Because this sort of action nearly always translates to some psychologically driven loading and the fear of missing out causes fringe par

Bitcoin Price Watch; Here’s What’s On Tonight

In this morning’s bitcoin price analysis, we noted that price had spent the night last night in a corrective phase and that this correction would serve to clear out some of the shorter term operators in the bitcoin markets. We also noted that when we see a correction like this (and, importantly, when the correction is pinned back by a key level such as the 6000 mark we’ve been watching over th

Bitcoin Price Watch; Things Are On The Up

In our bitcoin price analysis last night, we noted that the action we had seen during the session on Wednesday was conducive to some corrective momentum and that there was a strong chance that, very near term, we would see price turnaround and stage something of a recovery. We suggested that the most likely level at which this would occur was 5200, given that this level had served as both strong r

Bitcoin Price Watch; Trading The Dip

Anybody that caught our bitcoin price analysis this morning will know that we were hoping for an upside breakout during the European session today. We were entering the day on the back of a pretty solid upside run and – subsequent to the run – we saw something of a period of consolidation. These periods generally represent a sort of market rebalancing and, in turn, often present an opportunity

Bitcoin Price Watch; Here’s What Happens Now

In this morning’s bitcoin price analysis, we tried to urge our readers to take a step back and consider the wider picture for bitcoin right now. Sure, the bitcoin price is falling on the back of some pretty negative fundamental developments out of China but there is only so much that the Chinese government can do to beat price down and this limits the downside risk on any position held long-ter

Bitcoin Price Watch; Stay Strong!

So, it’s Friday morning and it’s time to put together our first bitcoin price analysis of the day. We are doing so under pretty extreme circumstances. Action overnight brought price to trade just above the $3000 level and it is in and around this level that we find ourselves right now and from which we must set up some key levels that we can carry forward into the session.The driver behind the