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Cryptospace Moscow 2017: “This is not just a party, this is a historic talent grab…” “We’re bigger than US Steel”

December 8, 2017. More than 55 speakers from 30 countries, more than 3000 participants, 6 sections, 12 hours of speeches and continuous networking. At Cryptospace, the largest blockchain and crypto event of the year, the world’s blockchain celebrities discussed crypto trading instruments, blockchain implementation into business, predicted the price of the bitcoin and chose the best ICO project.&

Bitcoin Price Watch; Here’s What’s On Tonight

So that’s another day drawn to a close in the bitcoin price space and it’s time to take the second of our twice daily looks at how bitcoin has performed over the last twelve hours or so and how we can interpret this action and formulate a strategy with which we can try and draw a profit from the markets going forward.In a nutshell, things have been relatively flat over the last few days.We’v

Bitcoin Price Watch; Here Are Today’s Key Levels

Here we go on another day of trading in our bitcoin price efforts and it’s time to get some levels in place that we can use to try and draw a profit from the market if and when things move.Things have slowed down a little in terms of outright runs over the last few days and we’re guessing that this is symptomatic of nothing more than a bit of profit taking on the back of last week’s run.Whet


That Business Is Absolutely on Fire, Nick Cowan Gives Thoughts on Crypto

Cointelegraph continues publishing interviews with prominent guests of BlockShow Asia 2017, that took place in Singapore in November 2017.This time we talked with Nick Cowan, managing director and founder of GSX, Gibraltar’s first regulated stock exchange. With his 30-years’ experience in the investment business and knowledge about the culture of business across the Eurasian continents, he is


Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bitcoin Rests at Tipping Point Before Deciding Next Move

Bitcoin prices have currently stalled out in the $16,000s as the market decides if it wants to continue the ravenous bull trend or go through a more corrective phase. In the last 30 days, the price of bitcoin has doubled — entering into what most traditional market analysts would deem “bubble territory.” Bitcoin’s growth has been so rapid, it has managed to break north out of a parabolic t

Bitcoin Price Watch; Here Are Tonight’s Key Levels

So we are now closing in on the end of the day in Europe and it’s time to take a look at how action matured throughout the day in the bitcoin price today and – in turn – to put forward a strategy that we can incorporate into our operations in an attempt to pull a profit from the market on any volatility.As ever, before we get started, take a quick look at the chart below so as to get an idea

Bitcoin Price Watch; Breakout Only Right Now

So we’ve come to the start of another day in our bitcoin price trading efforts and we’re just about midway through the week in Europe. Things have been pretty interesting this week so far and we’ve seen a bunch of fresh inputs impact price.Last night, we jumped straight into the action so as to avoid missing out on any potential entries and – this morning – we’re going to do exactly th

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 12/13/2017 – Another Major Pullback?

Bitcoin Price Key HighlightsBitcoin price continues to soar higher but is stalling at the top of its ascending channel on the 1-hour chart.A bounce off the resistance could lead to a large pullback to support or any of the nearby Fib levels.Technical indicators are showing that the longer-term climb could carry on.Bitcoin price remains afloat but could use a major pullback to draw more bullish mom

Bitcoin Price Watch; Trading The Dip

Things are moving incredibly fast in the bitcoin price right now so, just as we did this morning, we are going to jump straight into our analysis so as not to miss any opportunities for entry on the action that we are seeing.Anybody that is watching the space in real time will know that online wallet provider Coinbase is experiencing some difficulties with Litecoin and Ethereum transactions and th

Bitcoin Price Watch; Let’s Get Trading!

It’s Tuesday morning and it’s time to take a look at how action in the bitcoin price played overnight and – in turn – try to figure out how we can incorporate said action into a forward strategy today. Normally we spend a bit of time on some backdated analysis but, during the early session, things are moving incredibly fast. As such, if we take up too much time we might miss an entry.So, w