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Sellers of a Notting Hill Mansion in West London Only Accept Bitcoin as Payment

Property investment firm London Wall is selling its six-story stucco-fronted mansion near Portobello Road in Notting Hill, London, England for £17 million. The catch is that the company’s owners will only accept the digital currency Bitcoin as a form of payment, The Standard reports:According to London Wall co-founder Lev Loginov, their aim in accepting only Bitcoin as payment is to pioneer Bit

Faisal Ghaffar, Founder of DIGI Token Talks About the Platform on NewsBTC

DIGI Token is one of the prominent cryptocurrency platforms at the moment, trying to create an entire ecosystem including a revolutionary marketplace for the digital goods segment. We, at NewsBTC caught up with the founder of DIGI Platform — Faisal Ghaffar to know a bit more about what they have set out to achieve. We threw a set of questions at him, and Ghaffar’s response to those questions a

PBOC Director Advocates State-Issued Cryptocurrency

Regulation The Director of The People’s Bank of China’s (PBOC) Digital Currency Research Institute, Yao Qian, has announced his determination that the issuance of a state-owned digital currency is necessary in order to “fundamentally guarantee the market position of… [China’s] currency”, as reported by Chinese media outlet, Yicai.Also Rea

Nordic Law Firm Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

Services A Finland-based law firm, Nordic Law, made an announcement Thursday they would begin accepting bitcoin payments for legal services rendered. Specializing in business and law, the firm recognized their clients’ needs for leveraging alternative forms of payment. Also read: Remittance Startup Bitspark Drops Bitcoin Over Network Fees

Iranian Computer Hardware Company Accepts Bitcoin

Featured Lioncomputer is an Iranian computing hardware company that has been operating since 2013. Yasser Ahmadi of Lioncomputer told news.Bitcoin.com that Lioncomputer has sought to actively engage with the Iranian bitcoin mining community, stating that the company “has supported miners through mining forums and provid[ed] them with the latest min

Vanuatu Becomes First Nation to Accept Bitcoin in Exchange for Citizenship

Emerging Markets The South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu has become host to the world’s first government to accept bitcoin in exchange for citizenship. Vanuatu’s citizenship program costs $200,000 USD, meaning that at current prices the residency program costs less than 41.5 bitcoins.Also Read: Nation of Vanuatu Embraces Bitcoin Payments

Japanese Renewable Energy Provider Offers Low Flat-Rate Electricity for Crypto Miners

Mining Japanese renewable energy provider, Looop, has announced an electricity plan aimed at reducing costs for bitcoin and other cryptocurrency miners. The plan charges a flat monthly fee for electricity usage of up to a certain level in the Tokyo Electric Power Company service area.Also read: Japan’s Largest Bitcoin Exchange Bitflyer Launche

Car Sharing Firm Gets $10 Million, Adds Bitcoin Payments

Fintech The India-based, Y-Combinator-backed car sharing firm, Drivezy, just raised Rs 65 crore ($10 million). The company has used the funds partly to begin accepting bitcoin payments on their platform. In all, the company has raised a total of $16.5 million (Rs 107 crore) from a variety of different sources. An equity investment totaling&


New Lightning Network Production Layer can Bring Bitcoin Payments to all Service Providers

There are plenty of opportunities in the Bitcoin world which have yet to be explored. With the Lightning Network almost upon us, new payment solutions will be created. One of the developers is working on a concept to bring Bitcoin payments to more services. This will be a rather interesting venture to keep an eye on moving forward. This production application on top of LN will open a lot of new do

Swiss Vocational School Lucerne University Accepts Bitcoin for Tuition

News On October 3 the Swiss public vocational school, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, announced its now accepting bitcoin for class tuition.Also read: An Inside Look at Genesis Block — Hong Kong’s New Cryptocurrency Working-SpaceLucerne University: “Disseminating Knowledge on Cutting-Edge Technologies”This week the vocat