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Abra Adds Ether, Launches New Multi-sig Wallet for Holding Digital Assets

The new Bitcoin-based, multi-signature wallet from Abra is being released hot on the heels of their recent funding announcement, supporting ether and 52 fiat currencies.Now, after running our service for the past few months with tens of millions of dollars of funds, we’re ready for commercial deployment of our multi-signature solution. — CEO Bill BarhydtThe new update is current


Scriptless Scripts: How Bitcoin Can Support Smart Contracts Without Smart Contracts

Bitcoin’s capacity is limited. Meanwhile, smart contracts can be resource intensive. So even though Bitcoin has always supported basic smart contract functionality, the two have never been a natural match.But a recent topic of research spearheaded byBlockstream mathematician Andrew Poelstra could help fix this. Recently presented as key part of hispresentation atScaling Bitcoin Stanford, “Scri

The White Paper is Dead – Here’s What Should Replace It

Op-Ed “Bitcoin Silver combines the revolutionary power of cryptocurrency with the speed of the Ethereum network to extend it’s [sic] accessibility and use value to the rest of the world.” So stutters the cover notes for one of the 300+ crypto white papers published this year. With more ICOs than there are writers qualified in the field, it’s


A Beginner’s Guide to Claiming Your Bitcoin Gold (and Selling It)

This is a re-write of “A Beginner’s Guide to Claiming Your ‘Bitcoin Cash’ (and Selling It)”. Please note: Everything in this article is just advice based on our best understanding of the current situation.Bitcoin Gold (also referred to as Bgold, and trading under the ticker BTG)launched November 12, 2017. Since the Bitcoin blockchain technically forked on Bitcoin block 491407, anyone who

Quantum Physics and Astrology Predict Bad Things For Bitcoin

Markets and Prices Forget about technical analysis, charting, or market psychology. There’s a new way of predicting the fate of bitcoin that doesn’t involve busting out the bollinger bands or discerning cup-and-handle patterns. The name for this cutting-edge price predictor? Astrology.Also read: Swedish Pirate Rick Falkvinge Brings Humor and


The Satoshi Revolution – Chapter 2: Was Satoshi a Libertarian and Anarchist? (Part 4)

Featured The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations.Section 1: The Trusted Third Party ProblemChapter 2: Monetary Theoryby Wendy McElroyWas Satoshi a Libertarian and Anarchist? (Chapter 2, Part 4)I’ve been working on a new electronic cash system that’s fully peer-to-peer, with no trusted third party….We very, very much need suc

Bitcoin.org Owner Wants to Revise Satoshi’s White Paper

News Following the Segwit2x working group’s announcement to cancel the hard fork scheduled for next week, many shocked bitcoin proponents revealed their opinions on the web. Additionally, one of the administrators of Bitcoin.org, Theymos, wants the web portal’s recommended businesses such as wallet services and exchanges to pledge that “Bitcoin


Scaling Bitcoin 2017: Science Is Central in Stanford (and the Politics Ignored)

Stanford University hosted the fourth edition of theScaling Bitcoin conference over the weekend of November 4–5: “Scaling Bitcoin 2017: Scaling the Edge.”The annual conference, sometimes referred to as a “workshop,” has in its short history grown into somewhat of an institute within the Bitcoin space. It aims to be the main stage for Bitcoin’s technical and academic communities, with l

A Simple Guide to What Bitcoin Forks Are and Why They Happen

Technology Right now people keep hearing about the pending fork scheduled for on or around November 16. Because software forks and blockchain splits can be a confusing subject, we want to explain just what a fork is and what it means for all the network participants involved. Also read: Preparing for the Bitcoin Hard Forks: A Step-by-Step W


These International Bitcoin Communities Are Rejecting SegWit2x

The hard fork part of the New York Agreement is scheduled to take place within about two weeks. This incompatible protocol rule change is set to increase Bitcoin’s block weight limit, to allow for more transactions on the network — if everyone adopts the change. Otherwise, it will create a new blockchain and currency that may or may not be considered to be “Bitcoin.”The list of signatories