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Things Will Only Get Better for Cryptocurrencies

Since bitcoin shocked markets with unparalleled gains in 2017, investors are now seeking ways to get in on the next big thing in the blockchain space, which is poised to grow even bigger.Upset that you missed the boat on the bitcoin craze last year?Millionaires were minted overnight as bitcoin returned 1,700 percent in 2017, only to see prices crash by more than half since December. The bubble see

Besides the Meme Jokes Crypto-Enthusiasts Are Actually Buying Lamborghinis

News The luxury Italian sports car, Lamborghini, otherwise referred to as the “Lambo” has become a ‘holy grail’ for some cryptocurrency enthusiasts. As ridiculous as $200K+ automobile may sound to some individuals after bitcoin’s rise in 2017 that dream is now attainable for a lot of early adopters.Also Read: Australian Freeze: Big Aus

Grayscale Plans to Launch a Cryptocurrency ‘Large Cap Fund’

Finance This Wednesday Grayscale Investments, the sponsor of the Bitcoin Trust (OTCQX: GBTC) has announced a new cryptocurrency investment vehicle is coming. The company plans to launch the ‘Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund’ (the “Fund”) that intends to hold the top digital assets within the cryptocurrency economy.Also Read: Phony PBOC E

NFL Superstars Like to Talk About Bitcoin Just Like the Rest of Us

Economics With the Super Bowl now well behind us, NFL players can today focus on what they really care about, bitcoin. You might have thought that locker room talk only cover sports and women, but an insider reveals that professional players actually like to discuss the ups and down of the cryptocurrency market between themselves. Also Read: New York


Nordic Banks Express Hostility to Cryptocurrency

Two of Scandinavia’s largest banks have expressed their concern over Bitcoin and other digital currencies. According to a memo sent on Monday, Nordea will no longer allow its employees to trade cryptocurrency. The ban was confirmed by a phone call received by news outlet Bloomberg which also set a date for the new regulation coming into effect – February 28. Afroditi Kellburg, a spokesper

Grayscale Will Launch Stock Split for Bitcoin Trust Shares

Finance This week the sponsor of the Bitcoin Investment Trust, Grayscale Investments has announced the launch of a 91-for-1 stock split of the Trust’s issued and outstanding shares. According to Grayscale, the division will take place on January 26 and shareholders will receive 90 shares for each their original shares held.Also read: Markets U


10 Bitcoin Winners and Losers of 2017

The year of 2017 was a fantastic year for some Bitcoin users, but others were not so lucky with the cryptocurrency.Below, we’ll look at some of the most impressive success stories of the year, as well as the profiles of people who probably wish they’d never touched Bitcoin at all.It’s a highly erratic currency, but people who invested in it before its recent prominence often found their fore

Vermont Senator Proposes Digital Currency Tax Legislation

Economy & Regulation Earlier this week Senator Alison Clarkson (D) from Vermont has proposed legislation that outlines a use case for government-based cryptocurrency solutions for the green mountain state.Also read:French Entrepreneur’s Case to Overturn the Bitlicense Dismissed  Latest Vermont Bill Discusses State Entities Utilizing E

Report Reveals 18% of Investors Buy Bitcoin With Borrowed Money

Finance Just recently the consumer group Lendedu released a report on bitcoin investors who use credit to purchase digital currencies. According to the survey, out of 672 active bitcoin investors polled, 18.15 percent of the participants used a credit card to fund bitcoin purchases.Also read: French Entrepreneur’s Case to Overturn the Bitlicen


Merrill Lynch “Bans” Clients From Investing in Bitcoin, Why It Will Backfire

Merrill Lynch, a major US-based bank that was acquired by Bank of America in 2011, has reportedly banned its clients from investing in bitcoin.An internal memo released by Merrill Lynch obtained by The Wall Street Journal read:“The decision to close GBTC to new purchases is driven by concerns pertaining to suitability and eligibility standards of this product.”Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) B