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Bug at Japanese Government-Approved Zaif Exchange Let Users Get Free Bitcoin

Markets and Prices Have you ever dreamed about buying bitcoin for only $1,000, $100 or even just $10? What about a round at $0? Some fast and sharp eyed customers of the Japanese exchange Zaif had this opportunity just last week thanks to a bug in the system. The company isn’t going to let them get away with it however. Also Read: 66% of Funding to


Confirmed: Bitfinex Exchange Has Account On Dutch ING Bank

Dutch financial group ING (INGA.AS) has confirmed that Bitfinex, one of the world’s largest Bitcoin exchanges by daily trading volume, has a bank account with them in the Netherlands, Reuters reported Tuesday, Feb. 20.In an email to Reuters, ING spokesperson Harold Reusken confirmed that Bitfinex has a bank account with ING in the Netherlands. How Bitfinex was managing its banking affairs since


Happy Chinese New Year, and How Crypto Will Remember the Last One

Since the inception of Bitcoin less than 10 years ago, there has undoubtedly not been a busier year than 2017, the Year of the Rooster, for the whole cryptocurrency market. Now, as Chinese New Year dawns, the Year of the Dog, it is worth looking back at all that happened.It all began relatively inconspicuously back in January 2017 with Bitcoin breaking the $1,000 mark, but from there the cryptocur


Crypto Exchanges Questioned for Over Advertising in Japan

The massive billboard featuring a Japanese celebrity dripping in gold above the Shibuya crossing for DMM Bitcoin exchange sparked a debate about advertising responsibility.Billboards with lots of bling selling BitcoinAs the popularity of investing in Bitcoin has taken off in Japan exchanges are spending more and more to attract potential players across all media platforms.The level of televis

South Korea and Crypto Regulations, Explained

How large is South Korea’s influence in the crypto world?It is believed that after the U.S. and Japan, South Korea is the world’s largest market for cryptocurrencies.The population of South Korea is no more than California and Arizona put together, but it is the huge involvement of their numbers that to a large extent, dictates the value of cryptocurrencies worldwide.The speculation of cryptoc

Indians Expect Clarity on Bitcoin Taxes within Days

Economy & Regulation Under mounting pressure to make decisions and take steps to clarify cryptocurrency matters, the Indian government may soon shed some light on one of many unclear aspects – taxation. Local media have turned the spotlight on Budget 2018, but lots of titles end with question marks. The new financial frame is to be presented ne

Bitgo Snaps Up Kingdom Trust, Paving the Way for Custodial Cryptocurrency Offerings

News Bitcoin payment specialists Bitgo have announced the acquisition of Kingdom Trust, an investment firm with custody of over $12 billion in assets. The move will enable the South Dakota-based Kingdom Trust Company to offer custodial cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ripple, and ethereum to its investors. This will make it easier for traditional in


Indian Government Turns Fiat Currency War on to Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency marketplace in India is facing a siege from multiple parts of the government as several incidents amount to a buildup of the Narendra Modi–led government’s actions on regulating cryptocurrencies. If the reports out of India are true, the IMF’s “fastest growing country among emerging economies” may have to meet its 7.4 percent GDP growth target in 2018 without the boost


Physical Bitcoins: Our Hands-On, End-to-End Review of Opendime

Opendime is a tiny USB flash drive that can be loaded with bitcoin by the first user and given to another user, who is, in turn, able to pass it along to a third user and so forth.The private key attached to each Opendime is generated by the device at the time of setup by the user: It is not known by anyone, not even by the first owner or by the Opendime company itself. Opendimes can be passed alo

There Are At Least Twice as Many Bitcoin Traders in Brazil as Stock Investors

Economics Bitcoin critics try to attack the cryptocurrency from all angles, but one thing no one can deny is that BTC has now completely captured the attention of the masses. According to figures in local reports, there are already more than twice as many people invested in bitcoin as those who trade stocks in Latin America’s largest economy, Brazi