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Russian Lawmaker Proposes Legalization of Cryptocurrencies to Attract Investments

Regulation The head of the Russian State Duma Committee for Economic Policy has proposed legalizing cryptocurrencies in order to attract foreign investments including from countries with anti-Russian sanctions.Also read: Indians Look to Buy Bitcoin Overseas as Regulations TightenProposal to Legalize CryptocurrenciesThe chairman of the State Duma


Can Steven Seagal’s Celebrity Power Help Fund B-Rated ICO?

Action star and martial arts master Steven Seagal’s latest role has him playing the part of cryptocurrency spokesman but, can his combination of Hollywood magic and Akito moves save this lost cause?Can This Ageing Action Star Kickstart Bitcoiins SuccessSteven Seagal has weathered over three decades in one of the toughest business there is by sticking to a formula; save the girl, beat the ba


Green Mining Company To Reduce Coin Generating Energy Costs By Harnessing Renewable Power

Mining equipment is available to buy from consumer to professional level, and each of these technologies brings a significant energy cost. In Iceland, the volume of energy used for Bitcoin mining will soon likely exceed the volume used to power its houses, Cointelegraph recently reported. Cointed, the world’s largest provider of Bitcoin ATMs, aims to lead the way in more sustainable coin generat


General Manager of BIS Wants To Prevent Crypto From Joining ‘Main Financial System’

Augustín Carstens, the general manager of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), called Bitcoin a “combination of a bubble, a Ponzi scheme and an environmental disaster”  and asked central banks to more closely regulate cryptocurrencies during a speech at Goethe University on Feb. 6.BIS is known as the “bank for central banks,” for it only provides banking services to central

Japan’s Leading Low-Cost Airline Clarifies Plan to Accept Bitcoin

News Japan’s leading low-cost airline, Peach Aviation, has been working to implement a bitcoin payment system. Recently, there were reports that the company may be rethinking its bitcoin strategy following the recent hack of a major Japanese cryptocurrency exchange. Peach Aviation and its bitcoin exchange partner have clarified their position.


In This Storm, Be Hopeful; Lightning is on the Horizon

Right after the bitcoin network has cleared up its massive backlog of transactions, we’ve been hit by a huge price correction. However, there is still much to be hopeful about; the development and testing of the Lightning Network is coming along quite nicely.What is the Lightning Network?The LN, put simply, will allow for instantaneous, near fee-less transactions of Bitcoin utilizing an off-chai


Cash Carrying Japan Crazy for Crypto

When China banned ICOs and crypto exchanges last year it fell from grace in crypto land. The People’s Republic had the highest volume of trade in the world and produced 80% of all the Bitcoins. Today China is a crypto wasteland and that accolade has moved over to neighboring Japan who can’t get enough of the stuff.Japanese investors are going crazy for crypto but according to reports they are

Coinsource intros proprietary bitcoin ATM software

Jan. 29, 2018The Coinsource bitcoin ATM network has unveiled a new in-house software stack that will significantly improve the user experience at the company's nearly 200 machines, according to a press release.The new software replaces a third-party solution, and will reduce bitcoin transaction delays, improve QR code scans, support bill pay functionality in the near future, and introduce fee

So You’re Now in Crypto, But How Do you Get Out?

Benjamin Franklin said that they only sure things in life are death and taxes. Benjamin Franklin didn’t live in the cryptocurrency age. Because if he did, he’d expand that list. Death, taxes, and the volatility of cryptocurrencies. This is to be expected, however, it’s not every day that the way we’ve been handling currency for over 3,000 years gets a shake-up you know.This volatility shou

U.S. Agency ICE Conducts Investigations That Exploit Blockchain Activity

Regulation On January 25 the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deputy assistant director, Greg Nevano, explained in a testimony that the agency was using “blockchain exploitation tools” to combat cryptocurrency use in illicit markets. Nevano’s testimony revolved around the growing opioid addiction problem in the U.S., and how the l