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Bitcoin, Altcoin Exchange Bittrex Eyed With Suspicion Due to Thousands of Mysterious Account Closings

Cointelegraph recently began receiving complaints about the Bittrex exchange disabling users’ accounts for no apparent reason. One consistent theme in every complaint we’ve received is that users have attempted to open tickets and have even sought help on the exchange’s Slack, only to be ignored and banned, respectively.One user complained that he has six Bitcoin in his Bittrex account--over


Exchanges Implement Low-Cost Voting to Determine Which ICO Tokens to List

The post-ICO success of many tokens is dependent on whether, and how quickly, they can be added to exchanges. Tokens that previously traded only on informal over-the-counter markets can see big surges in price when listed on an exchange. Therefore, there is a great deal of pressure on the founders of ICO-funded projects to list their tokens on digital currency exchanges so as to increase the token


Binance to Add Enigma (ENG)

Binance, the world’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange has announced the inclusion of Enigma (ENG) — platform token of Enigma on its platform. The ENG tokens are now tradable on Binance.com.Enigma, a US-based blockchain company aims to revolutionize the way data is shared, aggregated and monetized through its decentralized data marketplace protocol. This is an ambitious vision that


QTUM Mainet Upgrade Complete – Users Can Access Coins

The Bitcoin and Ethereum alternative, QTUM, recently completed its main net upgrade on Binance, allowing users to have access to coins. The platform upgrade converted all the previously held QTUM coins successfully, and the exchange will no longer accept deposits of old ERC20 tokens.Major smart contract upgradesThe upgrade on the QTUM platform, currently ranked 14 among highest market caps, repres

No More Paper Aeroplanes. Aeron brings Aviation Industry to Digital Era

Can blockchain create safer skies? It can take stretching of the imagination for most people to consider if an immutable ledger could create a platform that would ensure transparency in the skies but it is possible according to Aeron. We talked with Artem Orange, the CEO of Aeron, amidst the crowdsale the project is holding so that the project can see the light of the day. Artem is an aviation buf


Binance to Add Centra Tech CTR Token

Binance – the fastest growing global cryptocurrency exchange has announced that CTR — platform token of Centra Tech, is now tradable on Binance.com.Centra Tech, the Florida-headquartered blockchain startup, is a multi-blockchain debit card provider that allows users to spend digital currency anywhere where bank cards are accepted with zero percent exchange, spend, and withdrawal fees. Centra T


Binance to Include Support for IOTA Token

Binance – the fastest growing global cryptocurrency exchange has announced the inclusion of IOTA on the platform. With this new development, users can now start trading the cryptocurrency on Binance.com.IOTA is the world’s first public distributed ledger that goes beyond blockchain in order to get rid of fees and scaling limitations inherent in blockchain architecture. R&D on the unique pr


Binance to Add FunFair (FUN) and the Top FUN Holding Leaderboard Reward Program

Binance, one of the top global cryptocurrency exchanges has announced the listing of FunFair (FUN) tokens from Thursday 28, 2017 4:00 AM UTC. To celebrate the inclusion of token belonging to Ethereum based decentralized gaming platform, Binance and FunFair have launched a “Top FUN holding Leaderboard Reward Program”.The “Top FUN Holding Leaderboard Reward Program” will reward 206 of the la

Binance to Add Kyber Network Crystal (KNC)

Binance – – the world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange – announced that Kyber Network Crystals (KNC), platform token of Kyber Network will be tradable on Binance.com on September 26, UTC 4 am.  Users can deposit KNC starting today.Kyber Network is a Singapore based decentralized and trustless exchange that facilitates instant conversion of crypto-assets with guaranteed liquidity.


Shanghai Losing Cryptocurrency Trading Market

As reported by CCTV news, 17 trading platforms will stop cryptocurrency trading in Shanghai. BTCChina, Binance, SZZC, Lhang, ETCWin, Bitekuang, 51SZZC, Hanbiwang, Bitbill, 19800Net, FreeWillex, ICOAGE, 91ICO, ICOrace, ICOfox, ICORaise and ICO17 have publicly announced that they are no longer involved in ICO operations and have proposed plans to exit from the market.According to a report by the Nat