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Exodus Integrates Bitcoin Cash Into Their Multi-Asset Wallet

Wallets Exodus, a multi-asset wallet platform, just integrated Bitcoin Cash functionality. This makes a total of 16 digital assets a user can store on the Exodus wallet. The company press release said Bitcoin Cash along with ethereum classic were added after extensive testing. Also read: Australian Bitcoin Adoption Increases Following Regul

JPMorgan intros blockchain-based Interbank Information Network for global payments

Oct. 17, 2017JPMorgan Chase & Co., Royal Bank of Canada, and Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. have launched the Interbank Information Network.According to a press release from JPMorgan, the initiative will use blockchain technology to minimize friction in global payments, allowing them to reach beneficiaries faster, with fewer steps and greater security."IIN will enh

Australian Bitcoin Adoption Increases Following Regulatory Amendments

Markets and Prices In recent months, the Australian government has sought to amend its bitcoin regulations – which were previously notoriously unfavorable to businesses and individuals seeking to use and adopt cryptocurrency. The Australian cryptocurrency industries have since shown signs of significant growth, with many industry insiders attributi


Race towards the First “Crypto-Country” in the World

The small European country of Estonia aims to become the first crypto-country in the world. The country is already in the midst of digitizing its government services using Blockchain technology, the tech behind digital currencies like Bitcoin.The Estonian government’s digitization project reached a whole new level in 2014, with the government’s e-residency program. Under the initiative, any in

Remittance Startup Bitspark Drops Bitcoin Over Network Fees

Altcoins This week the Hong Kong-based bitcoin remittance provider, Bitspark, has announced the firm is switching its services over to the Bitshares blockchain instead of using bitcoin because it is “better suited for the company’s business.”Also read:Putin Tells Central Bank Not to Create Unnecessary Barriers to CryptocurrenciesBitspark Drops

STK Global Payments announces Global Advisory Board

STK Global Payments, creators of the STK token, is announcing their Global Advisory Team, four weeks ahead of its public Token Generation Event beginning on November 13, 2017.Built on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token, the STK token will enable users to transact with cryptocurrency in global markets and at brick-and-mortar stores in real-time.“STK will bridge the gap between the 22 trill

An Overview of Stable Crypto Tokens

The high volatility of digital currencies is the reason why using another digital coin as a unit of account is not the best idea. For example, Bitcoin’s price changed by 10 percent in one day, while Ethereum’s price changed by 20 percent in a single day several times. A stablecoin is an asset that has price stability characteristics making it suitable for use as a unit of account and store of

CanYa’s Blockchain Platform — the Online Service Marketplace the World Needs

Since the inception of the internet in the late 80s / early 90s, its usage has soared. Estimates as of June 30, 2017, put internet use at 3.89 billion users, or 51.7% of the earth’s population. That’s right, more than half of the world is on the internet.With this rapid growth in internet usage comes a drastic increase in functionality too. The web has developed from being a way to upload info

UK’s Tickmill Adds Bitcoin to its Forex Platform

Fintech United Kingdom dominance in the European financial technology sector continues with over-the-counter (OTC) exchange Tickmill trading in bitcoin. Also read: Major Russian Forex Broker Alpari Launches Bitcoin Trading PairsTickmill, Gold to BitcoinA quick press release announced excitedly the company’s venturing into bitcoin, “one of the wor


Filmmakers Team With Programmers to Tackle Piracy and Content Accessibility Issues with Blockchain

A team of seasoned film producers, distributors and software developers has announcedWhite Rabbit, a project seeking to monetize P2P streaming to the benefit of fans and filmmakers. The project’s blog post states, with reference to British and Australian research, that 60% of those who watch movies illegally only do so because they cannot access the content legally, yet would happily pay if allo