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Quant Network Launches Overledger for Cross-Blockchain Data Interoperability

Last month, science and technology magazine New Scientist covered the Overledger project in a story titled, “The Blockchain to Fix All Blockchains.” The story emphasizes the need for data interoperability technology across different blockchains that could play a role similar to TCP/IP, which enabled the internet to thrive.“[Overledger] seems to be a straightforward extension of the original


Litecoin Crosses 5 Billion Dollar Market Cap

Once again Bitcoin has taken all of the fame as the week starts by hurtling almost relentlessly towards the big $10k. However smaller sibling Litecoin also recorded an all-time high of just over $90 today. Often likened to the silver to Bitcoin’s gold, Litecoin has been slow to gain momentum since its previous peak at the end of August. It has been languishing around the $55 mark for roughly two

Kraken CEO Apologizes for Site Issues as Bitcoin Exchanges Struggle to Meet Demand

Featured As cryptomania has swept the world in 2017, the influx of new users has caused bottlenecks at major exchanges. From server outages to lack of customer support, recurrent issues have tormented users, many of whom have taken to social media to vent their frustrations. In a Reddit post on November 20, Kraken CEO Jesse Powell apologized for the

This Week in Bitcoin: Failed Forks, Atomic Swaps, and a Little Trouble in Big China

Featured In the first of a new series, we recap the juiciest stories from the past seven days. While trolls have trolled trolls and forkers have forked forks, we’ve bypassed the bitcoin bickering to focus on the news that matters. So nestle up close to your solo mining rig for warmth and get comfy as we reheat the finest morsels from this week in B

Altcoin.io Exchange First to Launch GUI Atomic Swap Alpha Wallet

Wallets This week the platform Altcoin.io Exchange has announced the alpha release of the first atomic swap wallet with a working GUI available for public testing. The company’s founder, Andrew Gazdecki, believes the technology has the potential to disrupt every centralized exchange currently used by the cryptocurrency community.Also read: Bit


The Lightning Network Now Supports Transactions Across Blockchains

Although still in testing phase, the lightningnetwork can now be used to send transactions across different blockchains. TheLightning Labs development team successfully swapped testnet bitcoin for testnet litecoin through a lightning channel this week: ownership of the coins changed hands, while no transaction was recorded on either blockchain.“Previous atomic swaps that I have done we

Graphene Block Propagation Technology Claims to be 10X More Efficient

Technology This week at the Scaling Bitcoin Conference 2017, at Stanford University in California, bitcoin proponents heard about a new block propagation technology that claims to be 10X more efficient than compact blocks. The protocol called “Graphene” is a new method of reducing bandwidth to propagate blocks to full nodes by utilizing bloom fil

Monaize-Komodo to launch a decentralized initial coin offering, cutting the middleman out of ICOs forever.

The money raised by initial coin offerings (ICOs) has now surpassed early stage venture capital (VC) funding. As of August 2017, the amount raised was US$ 1.2 bln according to CNBC. ICOs are now an accepted way out for startups who would like to raise funds to get their projects off the ground. Yet, what exactly is an ICO? The Economist perhaps has come up with a decent enough definition, “ICO

This Developer is Bringing Atomic Swaps to the Bitcoin Cash Network

Technology Atomic swaps between blockchains have become a hot topic that has sparked a lot of interest due to the decentralized nature of the exchange process. This week a developer that goes by the name of “Deswurstes” or “MCCCS” has accomplished a successful bitcoin cash atomic swap test.Also Read: Uruguay to Launch Digital Currency,


Blockstack Announces Its Own Token Sale

New York–based decentralized internet and developer platform Blockstack has announced its own token sale.Blockstack recently partnered with a number of venture capital groups to launch the $25 million Blockstack Signature fund. The group also released the “Blockstack Token Whitepaper,” which explains the technical details of the Blockstack Token mining system, the incentive mechanisms and ge