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In a World with A.I.-Powered Assistants, How Can You Trust a Bot?

Artificial intelligence is already permeating the workforce, changing the way businesses function. Today you’ll find A.I. software, like chatbots, completing administrative tasks—such as scheduling, booking, transcribing. They also conduct communication tasks, such as compiling and sharing information, answering questions, and more on behalf of humans. While the earliest examples followed very


Talla Ignites New Frontiers with Blockchain Platform for A.I. Security, Compliance and Trust

An often heard narrative over the years has centered on the potential impact of artificial intelligence (A.I.) on work. According to CB Insights, last year (2016) more than $5 billion dollars of venture capital was raised by companies where A.I. is a core piece of their product—up from around $3B the year before, and $2.6B prior to that. However while A.I. technology and investments are advancin

Telex AI: How the Chatbot Will Revolutionize the Cryptocurrency Industry

The much-awaited chatbot startup –TeleX AI is finally here. This is a chatbot powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), which is designed to provide cryptocurrency related services using an instant messaging application. This chatbot is distinct because it provides cryptocurrency wallet and exchange services from within the Telegram chat application.The Telex AI Telegram chatbot allows users to e


Siri for Crypto: a Chatbot That Helps With Trades and Transactions

If you’re reading this, you have probably completed a cryptocurrency transaction at some stage. So you probably remember the learning curve of figuring out what wallets, addresses, miner’s fees and public and private keys mean. Even as you get used to using cryptocurrencies, the hassles of inputting information, slow transaction times and worst of all fraud and theft persist.For a complete new

: First blockchain to use proof-of-edit-distance (PoED), the Block Collider joins Cofound.it seed program

The Block Collider is the first blockchain to be built on the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol which is used by hedge funds to conduct high-frequency trading. The team, ex-quants have developed a high-speed trans-blockchain cryptocurrency called Emblems which when coupled with a new mining algorithm called “proof-of-edit-distance” (PoED) which enables live swaps between blockchain

SilentNotary for Real Estate and Other Smart Legal Documentation Needs

Technology developments in the recent days have made data falsification and misinterpretation an easy act. To foster change in the world and encourage timesaving and swift decision-making, SilentNotary has the perfect solution. The sophisticated digital notary allows users to record and save documents as legal documents, using blockchain technology.SilentNotary lets users review recorded files thr


SilentNotary.com To Make Its Debut

Don’t let the name fool you.  SilentNotary, the worlds first Blockchain Notary is making lots of noise.  On October 26 company founders will begin their first round of the ICO.Inquiries from across the cryptocurrency universe are being received. It’s easy to understand why.So much attention is being drawn to the market for Initial Coin Offerings: it’s exploding. SilentNotary’s up

TeleX AI: Making the Transition from GUIs to AI in Cryptocurrency Trading

Everyone uses instant messengers and chat applications like Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat and more. Now, what if buying, selling and storing cryptocurrencies was as easy as interacting with a friend over chat? TeleX AI is going to make it possible. It allows people to trade, store and invest in cryptocurrencies with a simple chat.From desktop applications to web apps and then mobile apps, this is how

Technology Disruptor to Create Chatbot Marketplace on the Blockchain

Moscow, Russia (October 18, 2007) – Launching its token sale this week, MiniApps.pro aims to be the leading technology disruptor in development of world-wide chatbots. Miniapps.pro will be a chatbot marketplace that combines AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, smart contracts and chatbot technologies. By implementing the blockchain into its already robust platform, the MiniApps.pro suite of t

ATB Coin Token Is the New Addition to the HitBTC Exchange

ATB Coin has reached an agreement with HitBTC the 4th leading сrypto-exchange of the world with $160,500,000+ daily trading volume.HitBTC allows traders examine the best features of ATB Coin which include high speed, the highest level of security and other advantages. The new cryptocurrency starts its way of changing everyday life for the better. Among the most significant ones are:Segregated Wit