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Venezuelans Turn to Bitcoin as Government Crackdown on Mining Intensifies

Economics In contrast to many people around the world, who adopt bitcoin to make a quick profit, citizens of Venezuela use the currency as a matter of sheer survival. Venezuelans resort to the cryptocurrency to stay afloat, fighting the rising tides of hyperinflation. Even in the face of fierce government crackdowns, which are only getting worse


Bulgaria Could Slash its National Debt Thanks to Seized BTC

Whilst early investors are rejoicing about the recent surge in the price of Bitcoin, the increase is delighting elsewhere too. As part of a national anti-corruption operation in Bulgaria back in May, the government there seized 213,519 BTC from organised criminals. Today, these coins are worth $3.6 billion, or to put it another way, around one fifth of the entire country’s national debt. At the


Saudi Arabia arrests Billionaire Prince – Could Uncertainty Boost Bitcoin?

Political uncertainty in the Middle East has risen to an all-time high, with Saudi Arabia arresting the richest Arab in the world, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. Could this result in a shift to Bitcoin, the digital safe haven, in the Middle East?Saudi Arabia's crackdownSaudi Arabia has initiated a sweeping crackdown, ostensibly against corruption, today. King Salman has ordered the arrest of senior pr


Fake ICOs, Common Crypto Scams and How to Avoid Them

The cryptocurrency world is full of stories of people who are either getting hacked for their precious digital currencies, or they are falling into scams and traps.Because of the decentralized and open nature of the cryptocurrency world, protection is not freely offered. Users are rather expected to be savvy enough to not fall for scams and traps, but that takes some work.Below are a number of not


Bitcoin Exchange LocalBitcoins Posts Fourfold Trading Volume Increase in Venezuela

Decentralized Bitcoin exchange LocalBitcoins has announced a fourfold increase in its Bitcoin trading volume since June in Venezuela. This substantial increase reflects the phenomenal rise in demand for the digital currency in the country and in other emerging markets.According to the company, its trading volume of Bitcoin in the last three months has increased to 40 bln Venezuelan bolivars from a


Nepalese Police Arrest Bitcoin Traders Despite Lack of Cryptocurrency Regulation

The Nepalese police have arrested at least seven individuals for allegedly being involved in virtual currency trading activities in the country as of early October 2017. The arrests were made despite the absence of regulations covering the trading of cryptocurrencies in the country.Based on local press reports, the suspected traders were arrested by members of the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB

Bitcoin Illegal in Nepal? Police Arrest Seven Individuals for Trading Operations

Regulation This week seven individuals were arrested for running illegal bitcoin exchange operations in Nepal. According to Nepal’s Central Investigation Bureau (CIB), the suspects were trading bitcoins without authorization and the agency’s Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Jeevan Kumar Shrestha says this is one of the first cryptocurrency


Six Bitcoin Thieves get Arrested in India

Criminals have always been attracted to cryptocurrency for obvious reasons. This new form of money is rather valuable and can be considered to be pseudonymous as well. In India, some criminals tried to scam users by posing as Bitcoin traders. Thankfully, they were apprehended by the local police. It is not the first nor the last time we see this type of crime involving Bitcoin either.Six people ha

What Real Impact Has China Had on BTC?

Regulators across China are intent on shutting down all Bitcoin operations in the country. The price of BTC has reflected these concerns, plunging from over $4,000 (September 18, 2017) to a level of around $3,718 (September 24, 2017). In fact, BTC peaked at over $5,000 per unit by Friday, 1 September 2017, and BTC has rapidly tapered off since then. A big part of the reason for this precipitous de

Russian Men Charged With “Illegal Banking” for Unlicensed Bitcoin Trading

Regulation Russian authorities have opened the nation’s first criminal case involving bitcoin. Russian police arrested three men for illegally trading 500 million rubles ($9 million USD) worth of bitcoin last week.Also Read: Russian Official Claims Central Bank Has Approved First Cryptocurrency ExchangeRussia Has Opened Its First Crimina