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Full Stack Development Tools Lowering Blockchain Entry Barriers

Companies looking to use Blockchain technology are enjoying lower barriers to entry, thanks to the creation of effective software tools.Despite industry interest in Blockchain, adoption is still relatively low. This is partially due to the newness of the technology. At present, for example, there are very few Blockchain developers and they are in high demand.Lowering of entry barriersA multifacete


Dash Jumps to New All Time High on News of Arizona State University Partnership, Reaches Fifth Place in Market Cap

Fortune and Dash Force News both report that Dash is launching a “Blockchain Research Lab” in partnership with Arizona State University. The new lab will be hosted at ASU’s Fulton College of Engineering and will focus on such pertinent questions as scalability, mining centralization, Blockchain security and energy efficient mining.Earlier this year, Dash established offices at ASU’s Skyson