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State Bank of India Plans to Pilot Test Blockchain-based Smart Contracts

The State Bank of India (SBI) plans to beta test a Blockchain-based smart contracts system that was developed by the BankChain consortium in December 2017. The consortium, which was launched in February, is composed of 27 banks that aim to develop Blockchain solutions for the banking industry in the country.According to SBI’s head of innovation, Sudin Baraokar, the smart contracts will be tested


Is Blockchain Technology Really the Answer to Decentralized Storage?

The Blockchain has become much more than a simple piece of technology. It has become a symbol for freedom, transparency and fairness. With this being said, it’s no wonder we see projects leveraging Blockchain tech as a “one-size-fits-all” tool to solve all sorts of problems, many of which could not be further from the original purpose of the Blockchain.Nowadays, the words “Blockchain techn


Copyright Issues and Censorship – Key Reasons Why Internet Needs Blockchain

Sometimes censorship seems like the practice is as old as writing itself and that, for as long as we have writers, we’ll always have someone that is willing to censor or silence them for their own personal gain.From Socrates’ untimely death to internet sandboxing, censorship has taken many forms throughout history and the truth is that it deprives us of knowledge and keeps us from prospering a

PR: Archain Is Building an Uncensorable Internet Archive Inside a Cryptocurrency

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