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Bitcoin and blockchain: Financial services phenom or meltdown in the making?

Nov. 27, 2017by Steve Gilde, Director of Global Product Marketing, Paragon Application SystemsOver the past couple of years, blockchain technology, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have dominated conversations throughout the financial services industry.Although adoption has been slow, as most financial service companies are hesitant to invest time and resources into such an unfamiliar territory,


Bitcoin’s Less Valuable Spawn: Top Six Most Ridiculous Altcoins

While Bitcoin may be the granddaddy of digital coins, it has spawned hundreds of alternatives. Some of them are getting close to contesting Bitcoin, such as Ethereum, and some have real world application and tweaks, like Ripple, Litecoin, and Dash.However, the ICO boom has spread to the ridiculous and the absurd, birthing a host of coins that are either a parody, a joke, or just downright pointles


Bitcoin Gold aims to break up a mining monopoly

The discussion of hard forks in the bitcoin blockchain has picked up steam, with the creation of Bitcoin Cash a few months back, and the more recent launch of Bitcoin Gold.Each fork seeks to resolve a key point of contention in the bitcoin world: Bitcoin Classic was designed to solve the scalability problem with block size; Bitcoin Gold aims to address the centralization of mining.T


Industry Leaders Give Perspective on Bitcoin Forks: Some Advantages, Many Problems

Once an obscure Bitcoin feature, talk of forks now dominates conversation in the community. From Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin Gold to SegWit2x, forks have abounded lately. Cointelegraph has written about forks before, what they mean and their consequences. Now we’ve had the opportunity to talk to a number of other industry leaders about their perspectives. Here’s what we’ve learned.Bad news for B


Industry Experts Believe Bitcoin Headed to $6,000

There’s an old saying, “Don’t let the fox watch the henhouse.” This may well be true when it comes to crypto-industry insiders and their opinions about the price of Bitcoin. But whether anti-Bitcoin fanatics like it or not, the price is steadily climbing toward the $6,000 mark.Bitcoin liquidity, adoptionWith the price of Bitcoin climbing toward the elusive $6,000, the reason


SPiCE VC Launches Liquid VC Fund With Tradable Token-Based Digital Securities

Venture capital firm SPiCE VC is announcing today the launch of the first ICO for a “Liquid VC” fund that will use the Bancor protocol to offer immediate liquidity to investors. The fund is open to pre-qualified investors according to specific country regulations. In the U.S., the relevant regulation is Regulation D, Rule 506(c).“While equity crowdsourcing brought startup investments to the


What Risks Investors and Authorities See in ICOs

While Bitcoin has been booming, so have ICOs, possibly on an even bigger scale. However, the ability to seemingly make money out of nothing has raised the hackles on a few key authorities, and also made a few investors think twice.ICOs come with a brand new, never before seen, set of risks and considerations and because of the nature of them, the authorities and the investor should proceed with ca

Cannabis Revolution and the Blockchain it Will Be Built On

The Cannabis revolution has been raging for the past few years as many states in the US have legalised it, but its standardization, regulation and overall functioning as an economic ecosystem has been heavily fractured. This has caused Jessica Versteeg to head up Paragon to try and revolutionise the Cannabis industry on Blockchain technology.Versteeg witnessed first hand how Cannabis can heal when


What are the most promising proof of concept projects?

The blockchain is a versatile tool that can be used in processes ranging from the recording of smart contracts to the management of complex supply chains.There are also countless proof-of-concept projects competing for investors' money and resources. Some will stand the test of time, but others will prove to be overhyped and underwhelming when it comes to market acceptance and performance. So, w