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Total Supply of Tethers Increases By 20% in One Week

News The controversy surrounding the correlation between the release of new Tethers (USDT) and dramatic price spikes led by Bitfinex trading continues. 20 million new USDT were released shortly before a single market buy of approximately $13.5 million USD worth of bitcoin was executed on the 8th of November. The sudden spike in buying pressure quickl


First Ever Phased ICO by Paycent Brings Transparency to Contributors

Bitcoin has hit new highs, and the popularity of other altcoins has also been steadily growing. We recently covered how Bitcoin is now ranked 32nd global currency in terms of physical money supply. The trends in the future are also bright for cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, with crypto market cap all set to hit $1 tln by 2018. In this scenario, anything that makes trading cryptocurrencies easi

bitFlyer, Inc.: Notification of Virtual Currency Exchange Registration

Japan’s largest1 Bitcoin and blockchain company, bitFlyer, Inc. (“bitFlyer”, HQ: Minatoku, Tokyo; CEO: Yuzo Kano), announced its official recognition by the Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA) as a registered virtual currency exchange23.bitFlyer was founded in January 2014 and launched its virtual currency exchange services in April of the same year. In just four years, alongside the

Coincheck Becomes the First Licensed Japanese Bitcoin Exchange

Emerging Markets Just recently the Japanese exchange Coincheck announced they have become the first licensed exchange in Japan after being approved by the country’s Finance Bureau Director.Also read: After the Boss Calls Bitcoin a ‘Fraud’ — JP Morgan Buys the DipJapan’s Financial Services Agency Approves Coincheck as the Country

Tether’s Messy USD `Peg´ May Be a Liability For Bitfinex

Fintech There are potential problems with Tether, according to a Hackernoon article by BitCrypto’ed called the “Curious Case of Tethers.” Tethers are supposed to be digital dollar pegs, but there is evidence to suggest they may not always be redeemable. The article implies investing in Tethers or using them to store value might be a

50 Bitcoin Exchanges Have Filed with the Japanese Financial Authority

Regulation The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) has revealed that about 50 bitcoin exchanges have filed registration documents with the agency, according to a local publication. They are now being reviewed for compliance.Also read: Australia Introduces Bill That Regulates Bitcoin Exchanges50 Digital Currency Exchanges Have AppliedT