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Binary Options Broker Binary24 Launches New, Innovative and Fully Transparent Trading Platform Which Offers Anonymous Cryptocurrency Trading.

Binary24, an online binary options broker, has launched its highly anticipated, fully transparent, trading platform. The software, which was designed by BinoTech and is available on mobile and desktop, is the world’s first binary options system to offer traders access to their historical data. This game-changing honesty mechanism reassures clients that this trading platform is fair and verifiabl

UK’s Tickmill Adds Bitcoin to its Forex Platform

Fintech United Kingdom dominance in the European financial technology sector continues with over-the-counter (OTC) exchange Tickmill trading in bitcoin. Also read: Major Russian Forex Broker Alpari Launches Bitcoin Trading PairsTickmill, Gold to BitcoinA quick press release announced excitedly the company’s venturing into bitcoin, “one of the wor

Why Erik Voorhees Keeps All His Assets in Bitcoin

If you’ve not heard of Erik Voorhees, then, chances are, you must be new to the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency – because he’s one of the most pre-eminent entrepreneurs in the industry.In fact, he featured heavily in Netflix’s Banking on Bitcoin documentary last year. (Worth watching, by the way, if you need a crash course on how cryptocurrency started and where it’s all going.)Erik


The Last Day of LAT Token Sale. Don’t Miss the Chance to Join

Just 1 day is left until the end of LAT Token Sale – one of the biggest ICOs of this autumn. LAToken has already raised $18.5+ million from 11,000 contributors, becoming #1 among tokenization platforms.Bringing Real Assets onto BlockchainAlmost two months ago, LAToken tokenized Apple shares, making hard assets tradable in cryptocurrency for the first time in history. That day was the starting po

Fundstrat Global Advisors Create Bitcoin Indexes

Finance Bitcoin bull and independent research boutique, Fundstrat, reveals its new five indexes to monitor cryptocurrencies. Aimed at institutional investors, FS Crypto FX indexes are the most recent and prominent speculation instruments and a first for Wall Street insiders.Bitcoin 55K USD in 5 YearsAfter bitcoin reached gold parity in Spring, h


Blockchain User Interface Will Deliver Experiential Value and Speed Up Mainstream Adoption

Blockchain technology is speedily expanding network communication from just moving information to the transmission of value. The peer-to-peer technology that is powered by Blockchain now permits the transfer of scarce, authenticated and secure value across parties without intermediaries.This fundamental aspect of the Blockchain has endeared it to a lot of users who appreciate its intrinsic benefit


According to Harvard Business Review, Blockchain Key To Reclaiming Data Privacy

Data breaches like the recent Equifax and Deloitte hacks have brought bright attention to the fact that personal data is not secure. In a host of areas, data is at risk from breaches that would result in the loss of privacy and perhaps finances.The Harvard Business Review (HBR) thinks that Blockchain technology has to power to keep data safe for consumers and businesses alike. Becau

Delta Launches on iOS & Android as the ‘Ultimate Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management Tool

Ghent, BELGIUM – Opus Labs CVBA, a new tech start-up from Ghent, Belgium, announces that Delta—Cryptocoin Portfolio is now available for iOS and Android, completely free of charge. Delta is the ‘ultimate cryptocurrency management tool for both beginning and experienced cryptocoin investors’. The first users praised both the functionality and the aesthetic of the app, and the fact that Delt

ExHasta announces it’s token Sale!

ExHasta Catalyst is a decentralized innovation marketplace for high potential projects.What is ExHasta?ExHastaCatalyst is an intellectual property (IP) marketplace where the IP from Moonshot projects is developed and distributed at an extremely low cost. Currently, due to the high fixed costs associated with Moonshots, they are primarily the domain of mega corporations.The monetization and monopol


How Law Enforcement Can Investigate Bitcoin Related Crimes And Why That’s Good

Bitcoin is just the first app we are using when dealing with the Blockchain. Soon we will see more ways people can squeeze the most out of Blockchain.Back in the 90s when the Internet was first becoming profit-oriented, no one would possibly have imagined that the Internet would breed Facebook, Google, Uber, online streaming, etc. This is where we are with the Blockchain now. There exists a whole