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Asian Altcoin Trading Roundup: Top Cryptocurrency is Nano

The markets have continued correcting during the Asian trading session this morning. Bitcoin continues with its slow sell off but the some of the altcoins seem to be accelerating downwards at a faster rate. BTC seems to have found support at $10,500 and has headed upwards slightly however it is still down around 2% on the day. Most altcoins are also down except one which is pretty rampant right no

Monero’s XMR Breaks Through $300 Despite its Mining Controversy

Monero’s XMR has been seeing massive gains recently. This is despite a piece of malware that has been concerning the cryptocurrency crowd. XMR tested the $300 resistance level on Thursday after seeing its second consecutive bullish market sentiment.What is Monero’s XMR?Monero is an open-source cryptocurrency created in April 2014. It focuses on privacy and decentralization. It runs on Windows,


Cryptokitties is Coming to Mobile: Will Ethereum Handle the Extra Traffic?

The blockchain-based game that caused the Ethereum network to grind to halt in December last year could be about to draw in a lot more users. This is because CryptoKitties is getting launched as a Chinese-language iOS application. The mobile edition is expected to be available on February 16 in Greater China and Singapore. The game’s production studio, Axiom Zen, are unsure how successful the ne


Mining Malware Tsunami Continues: ‘5000’ High-Profile UK Websites Hit By Tainted Plugin

New cryptocurrency mining malware exploiting software for blind and partially-sighted people has infected “thousands” of website including the UK Government, the Guardian reports Sunday, Feb. 11.As various media outlets report Monday, malicious script was injected into BrowseAloud, a plugin which assists those with reduced sight in accessing online content. Visitors to sites involved see their

BCH Wallet ‘Handcash’ Enables Bitcoin Cash NFC Transactions

Wallets On Saturday, February 10 a new bitcoin cash (BCH) wallet was announced called, Handcash, an SPV client that enables Near Field Communication transactions. The wallet’s initial release is still in beta form but is available to download for experimentation on all compatible Android devices.Also read: Trading Tip `the Wall´ – Disappear


New Monero-Mining Malware Targets Android Devices, Thousands Infected

Researchers from Chinese Cybersecurity company 360Netlab has discovered a new Android-based cryptocurrency miningmalware that infects vulnerable Android devices to mine cryptocurrency, as reported in a blog post from the firm on Feb. 6. As 360Netlab reports, the ADB.Miner worm scans can affect any kind of Android device, including smartphones, tablets, and television sets. The malware infects


Crypto Mining Malware Attacking Android in China

Security researchers have discovered more malicious mining software that exploits Google’s Android operating system. Attackers are constantly seeking out vulnerabilities in popular platforms and none gets bigger than Android which powers millions of machines. This new thread has managed to infect thousands of systems within days according to researchers.It has been reported that cyber-security r

Crowdfire Founders Plan to Launch Indian Bitcoin Exchange

News Cryptocurrencies have grown popular in India, and digital asset markets in the region have seen exponential growth despite uncertainty from the Indian government. Now, this week the founders of the popular application Crowdfire have announced the team is launching an Indian-based bitcoin exchange this March.Also read: Russian Cryptocurrency

Coingeek Announces Funding the Electron Cash Development Team

News On February 1 the cryptocurrency media outlet and blockchain company Coingeek announced it plans to fund the Electron Cash team’s development. The new Electron Cash projects will involve working on innovative plans for the bitcoin cash ecosystem and a partnership with the firm Nchain.Also read: Bitcoin Cash Supporters Prepare for the Netw

Popular Chinese Firm Cheetah Mobile Launches Crypto-Wallet

News The Chinese tech giant Cheetah Mobile has announced this week it just launched a new multi-cryptocurrency wallet that stores bitcoin core (BTC) and ethereum (ETH). The firm’s ‘Safewallet’ features a three-tiered security defense system with an intuitive interface.Also Read: Markets Update: Bears Claw Cryptocurrency Prices Down to New