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Blockchain and Smart Cities: On the Way to the Second Capital of China

On Oct. 14, Peng Yijie, a powerful Chinese businessman, visited Chen Gang, the Communist Party Secretary of Xiong'an New Area and Vice Governor of Hebei Province.Peng reported the potential of Blockchain technology to Secretary Chen, trying to persuade him to cooperate on promoting Blockchain innovation in Xiong’an New Area.Smart cityDuring the meeting, Peng said that Xiong’an New Area is the


World Bank President: Everyone Is Excited About Blockchain, Not Bitcoin

The president of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim, was bullish about Blockchain technology when he spoke with CNBC during an interview. However, while expressing his positive views of the technology, he was quick to point out that there are risks when it comes to Blockchain technology derivatives like Bitcoin. When asked if the Blockchain based currencies were viable, he said:"Blockchain technology is


Coinbase and the Power of Bitcoin Exchanges

Many fondly remember their first Bitcoin transaction. It likely took place on Coinbase, one of the first exchanges to serve the Western marketplace. Bitcoin became tradeable on Coinbase when the price of a coin was in the single digits and daily volume couldn’t match the population of a small country town. Since then, this exchange has helped Bitcoin gain traction and made it more accessible to


South Korea's ICO Ban: A Reaction to “Serious Concerns” Over Cryptocurrency Investment Practices

The South Korean Financial Services Commission (FSC) has announced it will ban all forms of initial coin offerings (ICOs). After a meeting to discuss virtual currency control, the vice-chairman of financial affairs, Kim Yong-bum, made this comment as part of an official statement:“We expressed a serious concern that the recent inflow of funds into the nonproductive speculative direction is showi


Unverified Rumor Circulating That Amazon May Accept Bitcoin By October

Rumors are circulating that Amazon may begin accepting Bitcoin as a payment method this October. The rumors appear to stem from a recent report on squawker.org, Some surveys have indicated that the company would have a financial reason to do so, but no official announcement has been made.  The squawker.org article references a mention in investor James Altucher’s newsletter. According to the so

Bitcoin-Friendly Companies Enter the Flying Taxi Business

Featured The smartest minds and smartest companies in the world are not only dealing with cryptocurrencies, but they are also bringing synergetic forces to finance a wide range of amazing solutions. One of these solutions: reducing travel time and solving traffic jams. For example, companies such as Tencent and Freigeist are funding Lilium,


Op Ed: China's ICO Ban Is Characteristic — Not Catastrophic

The crypto market, especially in China, has been in a panic in these past few days, largely because of an official notice on Preventing Risks of Fundraising Through Coin Offering, jointly issued by the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), the Cyberspace Administration of China, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the China Banking Re


China’s Largest Conglomerate Invests in Blockchain Startup Onchain

Chinese Blockchain startup Onchain has announced it has concluded a finance deal with China’s largest conglomerate worth “tens of millions of yuan.”Onchain, which builds and consults on Blockchain business infrastructure, received all the funding from one investor, Forsun Group.The deal involved Onchain’s umbrella startup Shanghai Distributed Technologies and concluded last month, Reuters