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Centralized Cryptoruble Not Possible, Minister Tells Putin

Blockchain The Russian Ministry of Finance is not against a national cryptocurrency, provided the state does not participate in it. The creation of a centralized coin, like the cryptoruble, seems impossible, as cryptocurrencies are based on decentralized ledgers, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov told President Putin, according to Russian media.  


Cryptocurrency Regulation in 2018: Where the World Stands Right Now

If 2017 was the year of the ICO, it seems as if 2018 is destined to become the year of regulatory reckoning. Things have already begun to heat up as countries around the world grapple with cryptocurrencies and try to determine how they are going to treat them. Some are welcoming, others are cautious. And some countries are downright antagonistic. Here is a brief overview of how 15 countries/unions


Cryptocurrency-Friendly Regulations in Belarus Could Attract Foreign Capital and ICOs

At the end of 2017, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko signed a “Digital Economy Development Ordinance,” aimed at developing the country’s IT sector and attracting blockchain technology companies, capital and talent from all over the world.“Belarus becomes the first state in the world which opens up broad opportunities for the use of the blockchain technology,” said Lukashenko.

Russia Developing System to Identify Crypto Miners but Considers Tax Break

Mining A Russian ministry is preparing a bill for the regulation of cryptocurrency mining which reportedly includes a “special system” to detect crypto miners. In addition, there may be a 2-year tax break for miners as well as energy quotas and special tariffs.Also read: Japan’s DMM Bitcoin Exchange Opens for Business With 7 Cryptocurrenci

Cryptoruble Delayed – Russian Central Bank Worried It Could Bypass Regulations

Featured Russia’s national cryptocurrency, the cryptoruble, is unlikely to be created in the foreseeable future, according to the Bank of Russia. The central bank believes that it could be used to bypass regulations. Meanwhile, the finance ministry wants to use the cryptoruble for cross-border payments.Also read: South Korean Officials Caught


Russian Ministry of Finance to Legalize Cryptocurrency Trading on Approved Exchanges

The Russian Ministry of Finance has drafted a bill to legalize the trading of cryptocurrencies on approved exchanges, according to a report from local media. Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev has indicated that the government is seeking to provide greater oversight. He said:"This is about the fact that buying and selling [of cryptocurrencies] will be somehow standardized. The genera

Russia Drafts Bill to Legalize Cryptocurrency Trading on Approved Exchanges

Regulation The Russian Ministry of Finance is drafting a bill to legalize cryptocurrency trading at approved exchanges. The ministry is already preparing a list of approved trading platforms.Also read: Russian Regulators Draft Law to Restrict Crypto Mining, Payments, and Token SalesSome Exchanges Will be LegalizedAlexei Moiseev.The Russian Deput

Putin Wants to Use Cryptoruble to Evade Sanctions But Bank of Russia Skeptical

Featured Russia’s president Vladimir Putin has reportedly commissioned work to create a cryptocurrency as a tool to circumvent international sanctions. His economic adviser explained that “no mining is possible” for the cryptoruble. Meanwhile, the country’s central bank and finance ministry have expressed skepticism about this “cryptocurren

Russian Cryptocurrency Bill Is Ready – Regulators Share Details

Regulation The bill for the regulation of cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs) in Russia is ready. It was jointly developed by the country’s central bank and finance ministry. The regulators have shared some details of the bill including how mining activities are to be taxed.Also read: Russian Regulators Draft Law to Restrict Cry

Russia Unveils Proposed Regulation Putting Limits on ICOs and Investors

Economy & Regulation The Russian finance ministry has unveiled its proposals for the regulation of initial coin offerings (ICOs) in the upcoming bill to be submitted this week. They include the maximum amount an ICO can raise as well as an investment limit for unqualified investors.Also read:Russian Regulators Draft Law to Restrict Crypto Mining,