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China Will No Longer Negatively Impact Bitcoin Price, 1% of Global Trading

While the future of the Chinese Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets remain uncertain, the Chinese government will no longer be able to manipulate the market and negatively impact the Bitcoin price.Earlier today, on October 16, LIU Post in New York professor and chair of the department of economics Panos Mourdoukoutas suggested the possibility of the Chinese market bringing the price of Bitcoin down

Russian Regulators Think They Found a Way to Find, Tax, and License Crypto Miners

Mining Russia’s regulators have revealed how they plan to find and tax cryptocurrency miners as well as license them. This follows their meeting with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. At the meeting, they agreed to regulate cryptocurrency mining, alongside cryptocurrencies themselves including bitcoin. Last week, the finance ministry propos

SaaS Global Specialist Leanne Graham joins the Advisory Team of VerifyUnion

Singapore – Prominent New Zealand entrepreneur Leanne Graham is lending her name and passion to newly formed digital identity verification firm VerifyUnion Pte Ltd. VerifyUnion’s ultimate goal is the elimination of digital identity fraud through a new, highly secure, and cost-effective system based on Ethereum Blockchain technology. Ms. Graham is now a Shareholder and key Advisor to the Singap


‘Everything Blockchain’ Is No Joke, Taking World By Storm

Recently, the Blockchain craze has soared to new heights, as people are talking about using Blockchain for just about everything. This “everything Blockchain” phenomenon is leading to some interesting use cases. Even lawmakers are taking notice of Blockchain, talking with crypto enthusiasts to find common ground. The amount of money raised on the Blockchain, by means of ICOs, has already excee


Blockchain’s Multiple Identities Enable Solutions to Countless Vexing Problems

Blockchain is a novel technology that is finding implementation in almost every area of human endeavour. Based on their particular needs, different users are finding different ways to use the Blockchain.What is Blockchain?Since the invention of the first Blockchain by Satoshi Nakamoto, the technology has not relented in growth and evolution. It has grown so much in popularity that sometimes even i


US Treasury Pilots Blockchain-based Asset Tracking System

The US Department of the Treasury’s Bureau of Fiscal Services has announced that it is piloting the use of distributed ledger technology (DLT) to monitor the movement of physical assets like smartphones and computers. A yet-to-be-named contractor will be hired as a partner in developing the prototype system.As part of the project, the Treasury will determine whether its physical assets can be tr


The Satoshi Revolution – Chapter 1: A Revolution of Rising Expectations

Featured The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations, Chapter 1 (part 1).by Wendy McElroySection One: The Trusted Third Party ProblemChapter One: Listening to the Past“The root problem with conventional currency is all the trust that’s required to make it work. The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the h


Graphics Card Manufacturer Stocks Continue to Move with Crypto Market

It’s not just the cryptocurrency space that’s having an excellent financial year in 2017. Companies supporting the industry are also setting personal bests in terms of their own stock prices.Chief amongst these are AMD and NVIDIA. Stocks in both have seen colossal growth in recent months, outpacing the rest of the S&P 500 considerably. The two companies officially hold the title of number


The Legendary Mayor of Vilnius Arturas Zuokas Advises TokenDesk

Arturas Zuokas – the former mayor of Vilnius will be consulting London based blockchain technology firm TokenDesk, as the business works towards the development of the biggest global ICO platform.The main direction of the business is the development of the biggest global ICO platform.Prominent foundersThe founders of TokenDesk aren’t new players in the market. Gintaras Tamosiunas — the CEO,

LAToken’s Brings Massive Expansion of Crypto Into Real Economy

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