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After Segwit2x Failed Jeff Garzik Reveals “United Bitcoin”

Altcoins A new bitcoin fork called United Bitcoin has been announced by a few prominent cryptocurrency luminaries that aims to improve the mechanics of the original bitcoin software. United Bitcoin was forked on December 12, 2017 at block height 498777 and the creators claim it will feature an 8MB block size, Lightning Network support, Segregated Wit

The Biggest Obstacle to Bitcoin Scaling Isn’t Technical – It’s Political

Op-Ed Bitcoin is accustomed to taking flak from non-believers. It’s been declared dead more times than most people care to count, and will continue to be written off long after dissenting CEOs have conceded defeat and quietly bought BTC. The latest group to take potshots at bitcoin aren’t external actors with little understanding of the protocol,


Bitcoin Cash Pump Stalls, Stabilizes Near $1500

The Bitcoin marketplace has become a sort of chaotic mess, as the hardfork altcoin Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has surged. Many pundits have embraced the new altcoin as a way to honor the original Bitcoin vision of Satoshi Nakamoto. In contrast to the original BTC, BCH offers 8MB block sizes and faster transaction times.As the new NYA-proposed SegWit2X hard fork has been put to an untimely e


Bitcoin cash: Where's it going?

The block size debate has been going on for a long time in the virtual currency space.The basic gist of it is that the size of blocks in the blockchain was making it difficult for the network to handle a large variety of transactions. The block size limit of 1 MB simply couldn't process that many transactions, leading to big slowdowns.As the bitcoin community struggled to find an answer to this co

Markets Update: Bitcoin Cash Rallies for Three Solid Days

Markets and Prices Bitcoin Cash (BCH) markets started climbing this past Thursday and soared on August 18 reaching a high of $760 per BCH around 6 pm EDT. Now on August 19, the cryptocurrency has captured a $18B market cap as the BCH value has spiked higher hovering around $900 at press time.Also read: Search Volumes for Bitcoin and Ether

Bitcoin Cash Flips Mining Profitability

Markets and Prices Bitcoin Cash (BCH) markets have been extremely bullish over the past two days after hovering in the $300 range for a solid week. Currently, one BCH is averaging $550 per token, and the market has pushed Ripple out of the way by taking the third highest market capitalization position.Also read:Venezuelan Bitcoin Mining Con


Bitcoin Cash Price Surges as Mining Profitability Parity is Almost Achieved

Bitcoin Cash continues to hang on despite people’s best efforts to crash the price. Especially now that Bitcoin is dropping a bit, people seemingly flock to alternatives. Over the past 24 hours, we have seen a major BCH price increase. Additionally, mining profitability parity between BCH and BTC is almost achieved. It will be interesting to see how this situation evolves over the next few days.


75 Percent Increase? Bitcoin Cash Profits Big from BTC Uncertainty

Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCC) has jumped 75 percent in value in 24 hours after the fork mined its first 8mb block.Reacting to additional uncertainty surrounding a further Bitcoin split and a suggestion Bitcoin Core may fork, Bitcoin Cash rapidly appreciated to a high of $547 per coin.The Bitcoin fork is currently trading around $490 according to cross-exchange data from Coinmarketcap.Bitcoin Cash had gar

Trezor Calls an Article That Claims to Break Bitcoin Hardware Wallets “FUD”

Security This past June news.Bitcoin.com reported on a demonstration that took place at the world famous hacker conference in Las Vegas, Def Con 25, which claimed to show the audience how to break a bitcoin hardware wallet. Now according to a recent blog post, the presentation revealed to attendees found glitches in a Trezor that revealed a

Washington Politicians Defend Regulations as Cryptocurrency Exchanges Flee

Regulation Washington regulators recently introduced exchange rules for any firm wanting to allow customers to trade in cryptocurrency. They said they created Senate Bill 5031 to make the ecosystem fair for cryptocurrency exchanges and their customers. However, a number of exchanges have left the area, because they believe the rules were to