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Doing a 180 – Goldman Sachs Goes Crypto

Featured The Year of Bitcoin continues to get more interesting, as reports surfaced today that legacy bank Goldman Sachs will open a cryptocurrency trading desk by mid 2018. It’s a momentous occasion for many reasons, but not least of which is the  influence the bank carries in terms of respect within the industry. Also read: Championing

Litecoin Has Outperformed Bitcoin in 2017, 8,000% Increase in Price

Litecoin has outperformed bitcoin in 2017, demonstrating a staggering 8,000 percent increase in price. While it still remains as the fifth largest cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin Cash and Ripple, it has solidified itself as a leading digital currency.Since January 1, the price of Litecoin has surged from $3.63 to $302, as its market cap increased from below $177 million to $16.4 billion. The market

Coinbase Under Investigation for Ethereum ‘Flash Crash’

Featured The Commodity Futures Trading Commission is investigating Coinbase for an Ethereum “flash crash” that occurred in June. During the crash, the ETH exchange rate plummeted down in an instant, but quickly regained its price. According to Bloomberg, Ethereum dropped from trading at $317.81, down to 10 cents in a split second.

Pro-Bitcoin Expedia CEO Picked to Run Uber

News Uber has reportedly chosen Expedia chief Dara Khosrowshahi as its new CEO. Under Khosrowshahi’s lead, Expedia started accepting bitcoin. He is also a personal investor in Bitcoin startup 21 Inc.Also read: Japan’s Largest Rewards Site Operator With 5 Million Users Launching Bitcoin ExchangeUber Picked Bitcoin-Friendly ChiefUber Tec