How to register Binance. And how to do affiliate Binance.

Binance is an exchange dealing with BCD (bit coin diamond) derived from BTC hard fork.

What is the Binance?.

Binance is the Chinese virtual currency exchange.


Binance’s transaction volume is tenth in the world. In Binance, the identity  confirmation document is unnecessary if it is within 2 BTC remittance per day. It is attractive to use now.

Procedure for registering Binance

First of all, you click on the button below to access the top page of Binance.

Click to go to Binance

Click “Register”

When HP displays, click “Register” in the upper right.

Enter email address & password and register

Enter your email address and password and click on the “Please side to verify” bar and swipe to the right (swipe). After that, enter the characters to be displayed, and finally press “Submit”.

Password notice

The point to note is the password. Simple passwords can not be used.The following conditions must be satisfied.

  • 8 characters or more
  • Alphameric characters
  • Always capital letters

Check email

Confirmation mail in English will arrive with the title ‘【Binance】 Confirm your registration’.

Please open the mail and click (or tap) “Verify Email”.

Click to go to the login screen.

Login to Binance

First, let’s bookmark Binance’s top page or login page.

Log in by entering your email address and password, swipe to the right while clicking on the “Please Slide to verify” bar in the same way as when registering. Then enter the word to be displayed and press “Submit”.

Binance let’s set up 2FA at the first start

A pop-up like the following will be displayed at the first startup from the personal computer. This is a display requested for 2-step Binance authentication. It is an overseas account and I will definitely set it up. Please note that this two step verification can not be done from smartphone. It is possible only from a personal computer.

You can choose 2, but mobile verification is only in China. Please click “Google Verification”. Google verification is “Google Authenticator”.

Clicking it will result in the following screen. Please install “Google Authenicator” on your smartphone. If it is an iPhone, from the AppStore application, launch GooglePlay’s application on Google and enter “Google Authenicator” to install it.

After installation, start “Google Authenicator” and choose “Scan bar code”.

Please read the QR code displayed on the personal computer screen.

Then, a 6-digit number is displayed, put that number in the entry field of “secondary verification code” and press “confirm”.

Please keep in mind that the 6 digit number of Google Authenicatior will change as time passes.

When you press confirm, the login screen will be displayed.

How to use Binance

Once logged in, you can use it immediately, without confirming your identity.

If your 24 hour withdrawal limit amount is within 2 BTC, no identification check is required

You can use Binance right away. The withdrawal (remittance) limit amount of 24 hours is “2 BTC”. If you do not have it in large quantities, you will not move currencies near 1.8 million yen, do you? If remittance is within 2 BTC, confirmation of identification is unnecessary.

You see your Wallet from the assets in the menu bar.

To confirm the wallet, please click on the “Funds” part of the upper bar ⇒ click “withdraw deposits”.

Wallet exists by currency. That number 77 kinds! . When you click “deposit”, the receipt address will be displayed.

There are wallets by currency.

Transfer money from domestic account to deposit address

Please remit from the address you displayed from the wallet of the account you own.

withdraw from BINACE

In overseas exchanges, we do not register withdrawing bank accounts, so basically we will remit to the wallet of a domestic exchange.

Click the “withdraw” button, the following screen will be displayed.

what is the label of withdrawal address?

Label is an identification character for self to understand what address this address is.

If you have not created an account yet let’s make it.

If you would like to register for Binance, please click the button below.

Click to go to Binance

How to affiliate Binance

If you would like to introduce Binance to other people, you can receive a referral fee if you introduce it in the following procedure.

After registering your account with Binance,Please click the following URL.

Binance Affiliate Program

The displayed URL will be your affiliate code.

Source:Read the official page


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