SophiaTX integrates blockchain with SAP

Oct. 30, 2017

SophiaTX recently launched its blockchain platform that integrates with enterprise software SAP and other ERP, CRM and SCM systems. The goal of the platform is to help link traditional enterprise application software with blockchain technology, according to a press release.

SophiaTX uses the Decent blockchain B2B transaction enginge, a development platform with SAP APIs and a marketplace. It also uses SPHTX tokens for mining, transaction fees and purchases.

"We believe that to truly set up new ecosystems with peer-to-peer business relationships, a public blockchain is superior over any alternative," Jaroslav Kacina, CEO of Equidato Technologies AG, the owner of SophiaTX, said in the release. "With blockchain, most of the disruption comes from new entrants into the ecosystem. By opening the network for anyone to join and participate, SophiaTX has the best possible chance for global adoption."

Topics:Blockchain, Mining, Software

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