DigitalTown launches blockchain smart city solution

Sept. 19, 2017

DigitalTown Inc., a smart city portal company, has launched a blockchain smart city solution that allows users to claim ownership of the portal for their town. The DigitalTown platform lets users search, share and shop locally, according to a press release.

The solution itself uses SmartSearch to provide localized information for users. It also enables local merchants to set up their own online shops so customers can shop with their SmartWallet.

If a municipality does not claim the portal, users can claim small "units" of ownership of the platform during a set subscription period, after which anyone can claim the units.  

"Local ownership of a unified city platform provides the organizing framework to regain control over the online economy, achieve self-sustaining economic development, and equip local stakeholders to win in the digital age," DigitalTown CEO Rob Monster, said in the release.

Topics:Blockchain, Online purchasing

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